Two girls playing on Shoreham Beach

What’s this newsletter all about?

Back in the spring 2020 lockdown, one thing I found incredibly valuable was the home schooling resources that some of Britain’s great nature and wildlife organisations were putting out. I spent a while using them with my daughters.

But it occurred to me, rather too late, that the work I was doing in pulling them together would be useful to other people as well. Now that the UK’s schools are closing again, and quite possibly for an unknown length of time, I thought I’d kick this newsletter off, to see if it could help other parents like me, trying to find fun and educational ways of keeping their children engaged with nature during hope schooling.

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Well, because an email in your inbox each evening is so much more useful than a website you have to remember to visit.

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Do I need to pay?

Nope! I’m just sharing the preparation I’m already doing with you. I have turned on the option for paid memberships, simply because if you feel like saying “thank you” financially, as a self-employed freelancer, home-schooling hits my income, I will appreciate that.

But I don’t expect it – and I’m aware that many of the people for whom this newsletter will be the most useful will be in a worse situation than me anyway.

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