It's World Osprey Week

And there's loads of resources to get your kids interested in these fantastic birds

Hello, all,

This week (as well as being the first anniversary of the initial UK lockdown) marks World Osprey Week. It’s been chosen to coincide with the week ospreys start returning to the UK to breed, after over-wintering in Africa or Southern Europe. You can read more about their return here.

Ospreys are incredible birds — real specialists, who only catch and eat fish. Watching an osprey hunt a fish is one of nature’s truly impressive sights:

The osprey was wiped out in the UK in the 19th century, but slowly started returning in the mid-20th century. Organised translocation projects have helped spread their range, with populations now growing in Scotland, Wales and parts of northern England. A group of organisations dedicated to protecting and helping ospreys have got together to provide resources to help children learn more about these incredible raptors.

Osprey Week Videos

This video sets the scene:

And this tells the history of the birds in the UK:

Activity Packs

The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust is producing daily activity packs for download. You can subscribe to daily emails to remind you, and here are yesterday and today’s to allow you to catch up:

Osprey Week Competition

There’s also a competition to enter where your little ones could win a rucksack. Which brand? Osprey, of course!