First day at Wild Home School

Learning in lockdown, naturally…

Hello, all,

Welcome to the first issue of Wild Home School. It’s a simple idea: between three to five online resources that you can use to keep your children educated, entertained and connected with nature during this lockdown.

Here’s today’s batch. I hope you find them useful — and please do send any feedback, so I can improve future issues! (Suggestions of resources to include particularly great full received…)

Become a tree expert in three minutes

A useful little video from the Wildlife Trusts, that will give you enough time for a cuppa and a biscuit…

Winter Lockdown Activities

The Woodland Trust has been quick out of the gate (metaphorically speaking, as we’re all staying home, right?), with a new page of winter lockdown activities for children. There’s a nice mix of indoor challenges, if the weather is poor, and outdoor activities, to be completed on your daily exercise.

Storytime: Winter Worries

The RSPB has a lovely little story about a hedgehog’s concerns about winter. It’s all in aid of teaching about hibernation.

Learning About Ecosystems

BBC Bitesize has a great page and video about humans and their impact on ecosystems, that’s a really good primer for children on ecology.

Conservation Farming

An interesting video from EatFarmNow’s lockdown learning series. Great if your little ones love animals.

More information on Teleri and her farm on the site.

Good luck with the day ahead, and I’ll see you tomorrow.