Feb 1: From the Coast to the Forest

As lockdown enters month 2, we need nature more than ever…


Apologies for the week off. Now we know that home-schooling is on to at least March 8th, I needed to take some times to get my work ducks in a row to survive financially until then. However, I should now be in a more sustainable situation, so fingers crossed I’ll be sending these out more regularly.

The 2 Minute Beach School

My friends at the 2 Minute Foundation (my daughters are I are regular #2minutebeachclean participants), have launched a weekly home school video, focusing on, well, the beach and oceans in general.

Despite the name, it will give you over 20 minutes of entertained kids:

There are worksheets, a poster competition and parent and teacher notes, too.

Crafting for the community

I have a feeling February is going to be a tricky month: we have weeks to go until there’s any hope of lockdown easing, and the main signs of spring are still a little way off. How about spending a little crafting time creating something that will lift the spirits of the local community?

This is a great idea from the RSPB’s Laura Sherwood-King to create nature-themed displays in your window, to lift the spirits of those out on their daily exercise.

Forest Bathing at Home

I don’t know about you, but something I’m really missing during lockdown is trees. For all the coastal beauty of where I live, it’s a bit sparse on the old woodland front, and the nearest forest walks are just a little too far away for me to feel comfortable heading there under the “stay local” restrictions.

And so, Forestry England Forest Bathing activity sheets are a wonderful way for the girls and I to have a mindful woodland moment at home.