Day 6: Going Batty

Yes, of course it's a bat reference, and not an allusion to my state of mind on week 3 of homeschooling at all. Of course not.

Hello, all,

Here’s today’s resources to make the most of this precious (if a touch stressful) homeschooling time…

Batty about Bats

My youngest daughter is doing a reading comprehension exercise on bats today. If there’s time later on, how about making a… bat mask? Or doing a bat quiz?

Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, how about making a bat model?

Rapping Rock Pools

Week 2 of the Surfers Against Sewage Digital Ocean School covers rock pool creativity:

And there’s worksheets and Word Maps.

Seaweed Secrets

Staying with a marine theme, today’s Wildlife Wednesday video from the Wildlife Trusts is all about seaweed.

My children love seaweed:

Well, sort of…

Wild Weather

Fancy a longer-term project?

The RSPB has a set of resources on weather monitoring and learning, that you can use help your children learn as we move through the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

I hope these were useful, and you’re managing to have some fun with you homeschooling!